DCTC Welding Program Shatters AL State Records

Front Row (L to R) Alac Ervin, Toby Bowen, Edgar Joj, Anna Daniels, Taylor Shannon, Instructor – Russell McFall
Back Row (L to R) Alec Carson, Easton Samples, Ross Bowman, Tucker Goolesby, Cole Lyles, Lee Ayers


Record Breaking Year For Pipe Certifications At The High School Level

Pictured above are all of the Pipe Certified students for the 2017 – 2018 school year for a grand total of 22 open root pipe certifications, 15 of which were 6G position difficulty. Almost all of the pipe certifications were 100% X-Ray tested and some were stress bend tested, which are the two most common ways of testing welds. A 6G pipe certification is considered the hardest, and it consist of welding 2 pieces of pipe together in a 45-degree angle with a gap in-between them, which is known as an open root joint design. What also makes this position hard is that it makes the individual use their left and right hand because of the distinct left and right sides of the pipe, therefore needing much more skill to pass the test. All pipe certifications were welded with the GTAW and SMAW processes. Some tests were welded with 6010 and 7018 stick rods. Others were welded with Tig only and some passed the combination test with both processes.
DCTC Welding Instructor Russell McFall explained, “This was a very special year for me and our program because this is my first graduating class, meaning everyone has had me since day one as their instructor. We worked so hard this year to accomplish things that have never been done in the state of Alabama on the high school level. I couldn’t be more proud of all my students. We had a record breaking year and I’m going to list a few new records we have set for the state.”
“First, we hold the new record of most 6G open root Pipe Certifications in one year with a total of 15. The previous record was one in one year and the AL history record was 7 total. Second, we have the first and only females in the state to not only pass a pipe certification, but also to be the first to pass the level 6G difficulty. They are also the first females to have multiple pipe certifications as well.”
“Third, we hold the new record for an individual student having more than one 6G pipe certification in one year. This year we had 4 total students that had two or more 6G pipe certifications. The previous record was one student with one 6G pipe certification in one year. Fourth, we had 2 beginner students to become pipe certified, and both of them had multiple certifications. One beginner student had two 6G certifications, which has never been done before.”
“Fifth, I asked multiple instructors throughout the state and I believe we hold the new record in the high school level for most open root pipe certifications in one year with 22 total.” Career Tech Director Jonathon Phillips added, “I’m extremely proud of our students and Mr. McFall for achieving these difficult accomplishments within the field of welding and most importantly to be job ready.