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Bum Has Come Out Of Hiding

Well, after 15 years of hiding out and not making any public appearances, Bum Pickins has made the decision to get back out there in the public again.  His first public appearance in 15 years came on Friday, September 22nd at the Plainview High School Pep Rally.

A large number of Bum’s loyal fans were won over many years ago, before his retirement, when he wrote for the Weekly Post, a newspaper that was then based in Rainsville.  Football players, coaches, as well as football fans would eagerly await his article each week to see what Bum’s predictions were for their team and what he might have said about their team, or the individual players.

Bum’s iconic vocabulary, unique use of the English language, and insights into the week’s predictions for the outcomes of the games has gained him a whole new list of fans since his return in 2016.

Even thought Bum made the decision, with the help of his wife Ethel, to get out of the house and start working again, it took him a while to decide that it was time to get back out in the public eye.  After all, in Ethel’s words, “He’z sech a good lookin skutter sumbudy mite jest run offn wif him.”

While that is a distinct possibility, Bum still decided to take the risk and get back out there.  Be looking for him at your Pep Rally.  You never know where he might show up next.