DeKalb County B.O.E. Meeting


During the May 25, 2017 DeKalb County Board of Education Meeting, the following items were discussed:

On-The-Job-Injury:  Mirella Hodges- Spanish Teacher- Ider High School/Henagar Junior High- 9 Days.

Non-Renewals/Terminations:  Amanda Slaton- Secondary Science Teacher- Plainview School- Effective 5/26/17, Melea Coffey- Computer Hardware/Software Technician- Facilities- Effective 5/26/17, and Sandra Boyer- CNP Worker- Crossville Elementary School- Effective 5/26/17.

Resignations:  Brian Mashburn- Assistant Football Coaching Duties Only- Fyffe High School- Effective 5/26/17, Jana Godwin- Head Softball Coaching Duties Only- Fyffe High School- Effective 5/26/17, Meg Jones- Head Softball, Junior Varsity Softball & Junior High Softball Coaching Duties Only- Crossville Middle/High School- Effective 5/26/17, Nick Ledbetter- Head Baseball Coaching Duties Only- Sylvania High School- Effective 5/26/17, Glenda Ingram- Custodian- Moon Lake School- Effective 5/26/17, and  Jennifer Black Knight- Bus Driver- Valley Head School- Effective 5/26/17.

Retirements:  Kathryn Wood Henson- Secondary English/Chorus- Collinsville- Effective 7/1/17 and Denise Parker- Assistant Custodian- Fyffe School- Effective 7/1/17.

Leave of Absence:  Kristie Cole- Elementary Teacher- Crossville School- Effective 8/7/17 to 10/6/17, Ashley Crum- Itinerant Special Education Teacher- Geraldine School- Effective 4/28/17 to 5/26/17, Stacey Dover- Elementary Secretary- Plainview School- Effective 11/16/16 to 6/12/17, Mahala Neeley- Assistant Secretary- Sylvania School- Effective 4/4/16 to 6/1/17, and Audra Noojin- Secondary Math/Art Teacher- Crossville High School- Effective 5/29/17 to 8/1/17.

Transfers:  Suzanne Hunt- Secondary Math Teacher to Instructional Coach at Crossville Middle School (2017-2032), Betty Lowery- Assistant CNP Manager to CNP Manager at Geraldine School (2017-2018), Heather Bethune- Itinerant Special Education Elementary Teacher at Collinsville to Itinerant Special Education Elementary Teacher at Ider (2017-2045), Kristi Higdon- Elementary Teacher at Crossville Elementary School to Elementary Teacher at Plainview School (2017-2017), and Sloan Pope- Elementary Teacher at Moon Lake School to Elementary Teacher at Plainview School (2017-2017).

Certified Placements:  Ali Dukes- Elementary Teacher- Plainview School (2017-2017), Leah Traylor- Elementary Teacher- Plainview School (2017-2017), Kyle Coots- Elementary Teacher- Plainview School (2017-2017), Scott Clifton- Secondary Science Teacher- Valley Head School (2017-2042), Kristen Hood- Elementary Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2029), Rachel Womack- Elementary Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2029), Wayne Lyles- Principal (12 month)- Ider School (2017), Kendal Durham- Secondary English Language Arts Teacher- Fyffe School (2017-2037), and Christa Blevins- Secondary Math Teacher- Crossville Middle School (2017-2031).

Summer School Placements (Fyffe):  Lakala Willingham- Math Teacher (2017-2023), Belinda Jolley- Science Teacher (2017-2023), Jason Willoughby- Social Science Teacher (2017-2023), Laura Hill- English Teacher (2017-2023), Tracy Tidmore- Special Education Teacher (2017-2023), Becky Dean- Aide (2017-2023), Brenda Vaughn- Bus Driver (2017-2023), and Ronald Anderson- Bus Driver (2017-2023).

Summer CNP Placements:  Tiffany Connor- Lead Worker- Collinsville School (2017-2023), Jackie Davis- Worker- Collinsville School (2017-2023), Pauline Fountain- Lead Worker- Crossville Middle/High School (2017-2023), Julie Abbott- Worker- Crossville Middle/High School (2017-2023), Melissa Baldwin- Lead Worker- Fyffe School (2017-2023), Betty Bowman- Worker- Fyffe School (2017-2023), Ellen Shirley- Lead Worker- Ider School (2017-2023), Tammy Bradford- Worker- Ider School (2017-2023), Cindy Wilks- Lead Worker- Moon Lake School (2017-2023), Michelle Kincer- Worker- Moon Lake School (2017-2023), Lisa Flynn- Lead Worker- Valley Head School (2017-2023), and Donna Poe- Worker- Valley Head School (2017-2023).

Federal Summer School Placements:  Deb Myers- Nurse- Collinsville School (2017-2024), Maria Jeffery- Bilingual Aide- Collinsville School (2017-2025), Dawn Price- Bus Driver- Collinsville School (2017-2026), Ronnie Dobbins- Bus Driver- Collinsville School (2017-2026), Charles Randall Templeton- Bus Driver- Collinsville School (2017-2026), Anna Hairston- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Debbie Busby- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Anna Walker- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Chassidy Griggs- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Amy Garrett- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Betsy Celiz- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Jacob Brown- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Jacqueline Clanton- 21st Century Director- Collinsville School, Amber Whitton- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Kayla McAteer- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Lorilyn Owen- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Patsy Chambers- Teacher- Collinsville School (2017-2027), Penny Brown- Instructional Aide- Collinsville School, Vanessa Aguilar- Student Aide- Collinsville School, Jazmin Corona- Student Aide- Collinsville School, Cheryl Wilborn- Nurse- Crossville School (2017-2024), Bris Torres- Bilingual Aide- Crossville School (2017-2025), George Walker- Bus Driver- Crossville School (2017-2026), Sara Culpepper- Bus Driver- Ider School (2017-2026), Larry Laney- Bus Driver- Valley Head School (2017-2026), Lindsey Higdon- Student Aide- Valley Head School, and Judith Crider- Student Aide- Valley Head School.

Coaching Supplements:  Jake Peek- Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach- Crossville High School, Georgiana Crisson- Softball Head Coach- Crossville High School, Kayla Holcomb- Varsity Volleyball Head Coach- Crossville High School, and Joey Rowell- Varsity Boys Basketball Coach- Geraldine High School.

Summer Workers:  Jonathan Ty Cole- Crossville Elementary School, Will Batey- Sylvania School, Hunter Hill- Sylvania School, Jarred Ferguson- Ider School, Jami Traylor- Ider School, John Tyler Clark- Plainview School, Pam Bryant- Crossville High School, Rusty Parmer- Crossville Middle School, Justin Croley- Crossville Middle, School, Dylan Clark- Henagar School, Trevor Landers- Valley Head School, Luke Kirby- Valley Head School, Tim Turner- Technology Center, Stan Bullock- Fyffe School, and Chase Wright- Fyffe School.

The next meeting will be held on June 9, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. following a Work Session at 11:00 a.m.