Going After Drug Dealers


While Rainsville Police Chief, Kevin Smith, admits that Synthetic Marijuana (aka Spice or K-2) is currently not as popular as methamphetamine, it’s popularity is growing by leaps and bounds with drug users.
Synthetic marijuana is different than marijuana derived from growing plants, and much more dangerous. Spice (synthetic marijuana) is made up of different organic materials and then it’s treated with hundreds of chemicals. Chief Smith said, “One common ingredient is Raid bug spray, a pesticide.”
Even though the sell of spice is banned in the state of Alabama, it isn’t banned in neighboring states so anyone with a desire to purchase it can drive the short distance it takes to cross the state line into Georgia buy all they want. Because of that, law enforcement officers are still seeing spice, even here in the City of Rainsville.
According to Chief Smith five ounces of Spice was recently confiscated in or near Rainsville. As with all illegal substances, police officers are diligently working to locate and rid their city of Spice. “We’re investigating, getting search warrants, and going after it,” he said.