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Irma’s Presence Felt In Jackson And DeKalb County

As Hurricane Irma approached the United States, many people from Florida and Georgia made their way north to avoid the path of the storm. Some came through and even stayed in DeKalb County.  DeSoto is one of many Alabama State Parks, opening their doors to those needing to evacuate. “We were notified by Montgomery office to get ready,” said Ken Thomas, park superintendent.

Many motels in Fort Payne are reporting they’re booked near capacity.  Parks and hotels were not the only ones to see the necessity to prepare for people fleeing Hurricane Irma.  DeKalb County Emergency Management officials also began preparing for the hurricane and have been diligently working to help those evacuating al well as those at home.

DeKalb County EMA Director, Anthony Clifton, recognized that the remnants of the hurricane could cause problems locally and began working to identify shelters for both people and livestock.

Clifton said, “We’re gearing up for a push to Florida, but not until after the storm passes.  We don’t want to send all of our assets out just to have something bad happen here and have to recall them or call in assets from somewhere else.  So, everybody is having to play that fine balancing game right now.”

At press time, gusty wind and heavy rain was all that had been reported for either Jackson or DeKalb County.  It might be some time before things get back to normal in Florida and the southern part of Georgia and Alabama, but things should return to normal in our area pretty quickly.