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NACC Writing Competition Winners

Front Row:  Olivia Higdon, Jeannie Woods, Ibet Perez, Megan Beaty, Maria Simon, and Hannah Grant.

Middle Row:  Aileen Perez, Hannah Cornett, Rebekah Riddle, Kailey Adams, Allie Banister, Tracy Gilliland, Carla Luther, Nia Stivers, and Grace Harrell.  Back Row:  Jeff Hawes, Valerie Smith, Kennedy Barron, Kelsey Draper, Matthew Ferguson, Selena Kirby, Tanner Gatewood, Luke Murdock, and Elisabeth York. 

The Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta, the English honorary for two-year colleges, is proud to announce its winners of the 2017 Writing Competition for students in area middle schools and high schools.  NACC’s Epsilon Alpha chapter began sponsoring the high school/middle school competition in 2001. Since then, students from Jackson, DeKalb Madison, and Marshall counties as well as Dade County, Georgia, have proudly displayed their writing talent.  Each year the college asks area teachers to submit poetry, fiction, and essays from students in grades 7-9 and 10-12.  These entries are then judged by a panel of Sigma Kappa Delta members and NACC faculty.  The top three students in each area of each division are given certificates and are recognized at NACC’s annual awards day program.  Additionally, the student’s work will be published in the upcoming edition of the Aurora, the college’s literary magazine.

This year’s competition was quite successful.  The college received seventy entries from schools in DeKalb County, Jackson County, Madison County, Cornerstone Christian Academy, and Fort Payne City systems.  The winners are as follows: Fiction 7-9—1st Place Matthew Ferguson (Cornerstone), 2nd Place Tanner Gatewood (Cornerstone), and 3rd Place Kailey Adams (Fort Payne Middle School); Poetry 7-9—1st Place Olivia Higdon (North Sand Mountain), 2nd Place Allie Bannister (Fort Payne Middle School), and 3rd Place Ibet Perez (Fort Payne Middle School); Essay 7-9—1st Place Kennedy Barron (Pisgah), 2nd Place Megan Beaty (Cornerstone), and 3rd Place Rebekah Riddle (Fort Payne Middle School); Fiction 10-12—1st Place Selena Kirby (Pisgah), 2nd Place Jada Hester (Crossville), and 3rd Place Kelsey Draper (Pisgah); Poetry 10-12—1st Place Luke Murdock (Cornerstone), 2nd Place Reighan Mintz (Crossville), and 3rd Place Hannah Cornett (Ider); Essay 10-12—1st Place Grace Harrell (North Sand Mountain), 2nd Place Hannah Grant (North Sand Mountain), and 3rd Place Maria Simon (Crossville).watch John Wick: Chapter 2 movie now

Congratulations to all these talented students and their teachers.  The teachers who are responsible for working with these students are Jeff Hawes (Pisgah High), Carla Luther (Crossville High), Nia Stivers (North Sand Mountain), Steve Herrin (Pisgah), Georgana Crisson (Crossville), Jeannie Woods (Fort Payne Middle School), Elisabeth York (Cornerstone Christian Academy),Tracy Gilliland (Crossville), and Mark McMahon (Ider).download film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 2017 now

For more information about the literary competition sponsored by Northeast, please contact Ms. Joan Reeves at or 256-638-4418 or 256-228-6001, ext. 2231.

For additional college information, go to or download the free NACC App at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.