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The Sand Mountain Super Bowl

Many years ago, looking back farther than any of us would like to admit that we can remember, the rivalry between Fyffe and Plainview had become so well known that Grady Reeves of Channel 19’s early morning show titled “Morning Folks”, tagged the name “The Sand Mountain Super Bowl” onto the game.  Therefore, the game between the two neighboring schools has long been referred to, by folks from that generation, as The Sand Mountain Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is the “be-all end-all”, most important game of the year for the NFL.  Likewise, winning the regular season game between Fyffe and Plainview could be considered the “be-all end-all” most important game of the year for the two DeKalb County Schools who play in the game.  However, it goes without saying that the goal is to win all the games the team plays in any given season and make it into the playoffs as far as you can, with the ultimate goal being to win the state championship.  But if they can’t win them all, at the very least they want to win the Sand Mountain Super Bowl.

The first meeting of the Plainview and Fyffe football teams took place on November 1, 1958, at Plainview.  Fyffe won the game 63-25.  This week, Fyffe and Plainview will meet for the 59th anniversary of that first game; their 55th meeting as during the seasons from 2002 – 2005 the teams did not play against each other.

Everyone in my generation remembers the fierce rivalry between the teams when Coach Walter Thomas led the Plainview Bears and Coach Ronnie Haushalter led the Fyffe Red Devils.  And the rivalry lives on in the hearts of those who will take the field Friday night.

Coach Dustin Goodwin and the Plainview Bears will give it their best effort to come off the field with a win while Paul Benefield and the Fyffe Red Devils will be seeking the same outcome.  But whether they win or lose the game on Friday night, the students from the respective schools will still be friends and neighbors when the sun comes up on Saturday morning.  One team will have bragging rights for the following year, and the other will have to face the agony of defeat.