Notice Of Adoption Of
Subdivision Regulations
By The Planning
Commission Of The City Of Rainsville, Alabama

Whereas, on October 29, 2018 the Planning Commission for the City of Rainsville, Alabama adopted Subdivision Regulations, which shall hereafter be known, cited, and referred to as ”The Subdivision Regulations of the City of Rainsville, Alabama.” The purpose of these regulations is to establish procedures and standards for the development and subdivision of real estate within the subdivision jurisdiction of the City of Rainsville in an effort to, among other things, insure proper legal description, identification, monumentation, and recordation of real estate boundaries; further the orderly layout and appropriate use of land; provide safe, convenient, and economic circulation of vehicular traffic; provide suitable building sites which are readily accessible to emergency vehicles; assure the proper installation of streets and utilities; promote the elimination of unsafe or unsanitary conditions arising from undue concentration of population; and help conserve and protect the physical and economic resources of the City of Rainsville, Alabama. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the City of Rainsville, Alabama to consider the subdivision of land and the subsequent development of the subdivided plat as subject to the control of the City pursuant to the authority granted to the City by the Code of Alabama. By Resolution, the Planning Commission of the City of Rainsville, Alabama has adopted, pursuant to the powers and jurisdictions vested through Title 11, Article II, Section 11-52-30 through 11-52-36 inclusive, of the Code of Alabama 1975, as amended, the Planning Commission does hereby exercise the power and authority to review, approve, and disapprove plats for the division of real estate within the Subdivision Jurisdiction of the City of Rainsville, Alabama. From and after the effective date hereof, these regulations shall govern the subdivision of all land located in the City of Rainsville, Alabama. A complete copy of the full transcript of the Subdivision Regulations may be obtained from Rainsville City Hall. These Subdivision Regulations shall take effort and be in force from and after the date of adoption.
Adopted this the 29th day of October, 2018.

Planning Commission
for the City of Rainsville, Alabama

By: Skeeter Logan
Its: Chairman

Attested by: Carol Laney
Its: Secretary

Publish: December 6,
December 13 and
December 20, 2018.

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