An Officer Returns Home


By Sherri Blevins

Plainview High School has a familiar face serving as its new School Resource Officer (SRO). Nick Turner, a former Plainview student, is presently filling that role. He was hired under Sheriff Weldon’s new administration.
Turner is the son of Steve and Karon Turner and the brother of Andy and Kalei Turner. He married another Plainview Alumni, Hannah Morgan, and they have been happily married for the past six years.
Mountain Valley News (MVN) interviewed Officer Turner about his new position. Turner said that he has really always wanted to be a police officer and felt led to go into that field. He stated that he wanted to make a difference and help people by being the change that was needed.
Before coming to Plainview as the SRO, Turner was a police officer for the Fort Payne Police Department. When he heard about the opening at Plainview, he applied for the position and was hired. MVN asked Turner how returning to Plainview as an authority figure was different than attending as a student. He replied, “It is a lot different. It is definitely not easy. You want to be their friend, but you also want to have that authoritative or parent-like line where you can apply discipline if needed. At the same time, you also need to be a mentor and friend to the students. Even though it is difficult, it has been very rewarding.”
Turner also commented about the best part of his job. He explained, “The best part of the job is talking with the kids and building a relationship with them and helping them to see (especially the little ones), that policemen are not bad or scary, but that they are just people and here ready to help.”