By Bonita Wilborn

Troopers from the Marine Patrol Division of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency responded to a 4:45pm report on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 concerning a body found floating in the water at Morgan’s Cove Boat Ramp located on South Sauty Creek off Highway 227 in Marshall County.
Officials identified the body as a male, and although it was found only 1½ miles downstream from where 18-year-old Koy Spears went missing 3½ weeks ago in Buck’s Pocket State Park, they are uncertain at this point whether it is Spears’ body.
With the possibility that the body could be that of Koy Spears, his parents both responded to the scene with the hope of gaining some closure in the matter of their missing son. Conditions of the body made an autopsy necessary. It will be performed by the Huntsville Forensic Science Lab, which might have to rely on dental records for positive identification. When a positive identity has been determined, an announcement will be made.
South Sauty Creek reportedly flows through Buck’s Pocket State Park, where Koy Spears went missing on Friday, February 22, 2019. Although the fishermen who reported finding the body are not from the aforementioned area, they were aware of the search for the missing teen.
The part of the water where the body was found was reported as three to five feet deep, and officials reported that the body had not been touched or disturbed by anyone other than forensics, who arrived at the scene around 7:45pm. The body was removed from the water around 8:40pm.
Troopers said the area where the body was found is in Marshall County, but the case is falling under the DeKalb County Coroner’s jurisdiction. Even though the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is leading the investigation, Sheriff’s office officials from DeKalb, Marshall, and Jackson counties all responded to the scene.