By Sherri Blevins

On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, Bridgeport held a Town Hall Meeting at the City Hall for the purpose of conducting the first meeting for the Thrive Partnership Project. The first meeting was a Community Launch, which is the first step in the journey Bridgeport will be taking in building a movement to promote what Bridgeport has to offer to the Tristate area.
Several community members met with Bridgett Massengail from Thrive Regional Partnership and other members of the Thrive team to see and experience first- hand what the Thrive Partnership is all about.
Massengail explained to those in attendance the purpose of the program and the importance of community members getting involved in sharing ideas and contributing to the process of making Bridgeport the best it can be. She asked the community members to think about what the people of tomorrow will say about the choices the people of today make that affect what their children and grandchildren will experience. She encouraged them to think about the possibilities of making the most out of economic opportunities while preserving what they love about their home. She asked them to think about how they can leverage what makes Bridgeport unique and fuse it with art and cultural projects.
At the end of the presentation, community members participated in a hands-on activity to identify the strengths and assets of Bridgeport that will accelerate the next step of the project, which will take place at a future meeting.