DCTC Takes Second In Welding Competition


On January 25, 2019 DeKalb County Technology Center (DCTC) Welding Instructor, Russell McFall, sent a few students to compete in the Tulsa Welding Competition held at Blount County Tech School. The contest was for seniors only, but juniors could participate for the experience.
A project had to be welded in the flat, vertical, and overhead positions with the SMAW Process using a 6010 and 7018 rod. McFall explained, “Tulsa is a Welding College located in Jacksonville, Florida, but they host multiple competitions each year at different locations across the state of Alabama. If a student places in the top three of one of their competitions, they receive scholarships to pay for tuition starting with first place receiving a full scholarship, second place receiving a half scholarship, and third receiving a quarter scholarship. It is a great way for them to help encourage highly skilled students from Alabama to attend their college in Florida.”
This competition had about sixty-five students welding in it from all different schools, and DCTC had four students in the top ten. Drake Casey, from Sylvania High School placed second earning him the half scholarship, worth $10,000, to help pay for his tuition, if he chooses to attend Tulsa in Florida this fall. Dakota Atchley and Chandler Busby, also from Sylvania High School, took eighth and ninth places. Octavia Wilson, from Geraldine High School, placed tenth.
McFall added, “I’ve always told people the welding certifications are our main focus in our welding program. It’s not just the competitions, however, they do serve a purpose because you’re always going somewhere new, which would be similar to starting a new job. The students are welding under pressure for prizes and scholarships, which is like having to pass a weld test in the real world. Competitions expose the students to different environments with different machines, which then cause nervous emotions that they have to learn to overcome. I’m so proud of Drake and my other students. I thought they did a fantastic job of welding under pressure at a different school against so many other students.”