DeKalb County Commission Meeting 1-8-19


By Sherri Blevins

The DeKalb County Commission met on January 8, 2019. After the meeting was called to order, the minutes from the last meeting were approved. Due to the absence of DeKalb County Commission President Rickey Harcrow, County Commission Pro-tem, Chris Kuykendall presided over the meeting.
Superintendent Tom Broyles reported on the activities of the road department citing flooding as the major issue the department is dealing with now. After Broyles’s report, the commission took the following action:
• Granted J.C. Cheek the Traffic Striping Proposal Bid Award at a cost of $22,372.00
• Approved the Safety Coordinator Resolution adding EMA Deputy Director Michael Posey as Co- Coordinator with Irby Wallace
• Appointed Tony Taylor to the DeKalb Ambulance Service Board
• Appointed James May to the Northeast Alabama Water Board
• Hired Chris Burke to the Fleet Manager Position
• Approved February 22-24 as Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday
During the meeting, newly elected DeKalb County Sheriff, Nick Weldon, was welcomed by the commissioners and commended on his professional transition into office. Sheriff Weldon then addressed the commission and the audience before requesting the following action from the commissioners, which they so approved:
• Resignations: Michael Edmondson, Jonathan Langley, Tony Blackwell, Tiffany Graham, Gary Hill, Gerald Taylor, Jake Fowler, Shannon St. John, Shari Butler
• Retirements: Rodney Johnson, Rickey Higdon, Stanley Hollinsworth
• New Hires: Brad Gregg, Chief Deputy; David Smith, Chief Jail Administrator; David Davis, Investigations; Matt Martin, Chief Communications Officer/Liaison; Seth Green, Supervisor; Tyler Pruett, Public Information Officer; Wesley Greeson, Investigations; Priscilla Padgett, SRO; Kevin Akins, Jail; Wilbur Dunlap, Jim Phillips, Divell Bell, Nick Brown, Dalton Veal, Jackie Tanner, Ron Ogletree