No Shave September


By Bonita Wilborn

Major Tommy Bradford and his wife Mary Ann


Officers from the Fort Payne Police Department, in a effort to raise money to help support, Major Tommy Bradford, a Dade County Georgia Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, is keeping their razors on the shelf for the month of September.
Major Tommy Bradford responded to a call on Tuesday, August 7, 2018, of a woman in a truck who had allegedly taken items from a home in Fort Payne before fleeing across state lines into Dade County, Georgia. Dade County Sheriff’s Office reported that Bradford was trying to prevent the vehicle, which was traveling at a high speed toward a school zone near the time of day when school would be letting out, from progressing any further and causing potential injuries. Bradford was struck by the vehicle and afterward transported to a nearby hospital where he lost his left leg due to the injury.
According to Fort Payne Police Chief Randy Bynum, his officers and staff wanted to do something to raise money for the injured officer. “Bradford wasn’t our officer, but the crime originated here,” Bynum said. “It could have very well been one of our officers that was hurt.”
The staff began brainstorming ideas. Since No-Shave November has been a successful fundraiser in the past for other purposes, Assistant Chief Ronnie Warren suggested that they do No-Shave September. To participate in No-Shave September, each officer must make a $100 donation either out of pocket or through sponsorship.
Bynum added, “Warren said he’d pay almost anything not to have to shave. He threw down a $100 bill before I could say how much each officer had to donate.”
The Fort Payne Police Department has about 30 staff members participating, and they have already collected about $1,800 both from the officers and from community members.
Between the Wills Town Rats Bike Ride on Saturday, September 22 at 1:00pm and the concert with food and drink vendors available at 6:00pm that same night, which will take place at the Rotary Pavilion in Fort Payne, in conjunction with No-Shave September, Bynum hope is to raise at least $5,000 for Bradford and his family. All money raised locally will be announced at on concert on September 22.
“I’m plan to invite Major Bradford, his family, and the Dade County Sheriff’s Office to come to bike night when we present Bradford and his family with the money,” Bynum said.
If individuals or businesses in the area want to give to Bradford, they can give cash or checks to any Fort Payne police officer or go by the police department building located on the 2nd Street side of the building. All checks should be made payabel to Tommy Bradford. There is also a bank account set up at the “Bank of Dade” or you can donate online at