Welcome North Jackson


By Bonita Wilborn

In November 2018, a long-time publication in Jackson County, known as the North Jackson Progress, closed its doors due to the failing health of owner/operator Larry Glass. Closure of this newspaper left Stevenson and Bridgeport without media coverage, so some of the citizens in those cities reached out to Mountain Valley News to see if we would be willing to print a newspaper covering their area.
The process has taken a few months to work out all the details, but on Friday, February 8, we will print our first edition of the newly aligned newspaper, which we have titled North Jackson Press.
Customers of the Mountain Valley News can rest assured that the Mountain Valley News has not and will not change, other than the fact that the Jackson County areas of Section, Pisgah, and North Sand Mountain will then be covered in the North Jackson Press as well as in the Mountain Valley News.
Mountain Valley News customers will continue to receive all of the coverage and services you are accustomed to getting. Our main office will remain in Rainsville, but there will be a branch office in Stevenson, to serve the North Jackson area, which will also receive all of the services and coverage due them.
We are very excited to have the opportunity to serve this additional area and provide them with media coverage that they would not be getting otherwise.
The active subscriptions of the former North Jackson Progress will remain in effect until May 31, 2019, at which time if you choose to continue with the North Jackson Press you will need to renew your subscription.
If you are a subscriber of the Mountain Valley News and you would like to also receive the North Jackson Press on a weekly basis, please contact our office at 256-638-6397 for a joint-subscription rate quote.