Local Culture Of Excellence Award Winners


The DeKalb Ambulance Service and Rainsville Fire and Rescue recently received the Culture of Excellence Award. This prestigious award was started to bring attention to the agencies who are performing quality work. The Alabama Health Department inspects the departments throughout the state at least one time each quarter to assure all equipment is present and operable, as well as whether the staff follows protocol in dress, behavior, and use of equipment. It takes a lot of work to keep these ambulances and fire and rescue vehicles in tip top shape, to keep the providers at the highest level of training, and to maker sure that each patient receives the very best care possible during their time of emergency. Rainsville Fire and Rescue have just become eligible for this award. Starting in July 2017 the department started Advanced Life Support Level 2 training and have certified several of the staff members. They are working on getting each member’s certification completed.
The DeKalb Ambulance Service (DAS) has 6 stations across the county, with several trucks at each one. Each truck and backup truck was brought to Station #1 on inspection day for each to be gone through thoroughly. To earn this distinction, each truck had to pass this inspection with no items to correct. This is the first time the DAS has been honored with this award.
These first responders often work with little thanks, and are deserving of this recognition. We are very fortunate to have these first responders in our community. Congratulations to both agencies.