Section Pharmacist Offers Assistance


By Bonita Wilborn

After a number of cases of hepatitis A were diagnosed in northeast Alabama, with several cases presenting in both Jackson and DeKalb counties, Derrell Massey, saw the need for
Section Pharmacy Health Mart to come to the rescue. So the pharmacy is providing hepatitis A vaccinations free of charge to qualifying adults. Massey commented, “These are our people,” as his reason for wanting to help those who can’t afford the vaccination.

Jackson and DeKalb counties are predominately rural areas that have a high percentage of low to middle income families that might need assistance in getting the necessary vaccination to help them fight off or ward off hepatitis A.

While the Alabama Department of Public Health lists at-risk groups for contracting the illness as: the homeless, illegal drug users and same-sex partners, don’t feel that you are immune simply because you might not fall into one of those categories. Anyone can come in contact with the virus and be at risk if they eat out, go to school with other children who might me infected, go to work with other adults that might be affected, go shopping at a retail store, or etc. Basically, unless you live in a bubble, you could contact hepatitis A.
Hepatitis is an illness that is often hard to differentiate from viruses. It looks very much like the flu and feels very much like the flu. Medical testing is necessary to determine the difference.