DeKalb County Board Of Education Meeting 11-29-18


By Sherri Blevins

The DeKalb County Board of Education met on Thursday, November 29. This was the first official meeting for newly elected board members Carol Hiett and Monty Darwin. After the meeting was called to order, the board approved the School Financial Statements and General Fund Bank Reconciliation and agreed to pay the bills and accounts. Cade Burke, Representative from the State of Alabama Examiners of Public Accounts, presented the findings from the 2017 audit. The board then entered into executive session. When they completed the session, they voted to expel two students.
The board then acted on the following items:
• Appointed Randy Peppers as Chairman and Robert Elliott as Vice Chairman
• Approved the early graduation from Collinsville High School for Miguel Arellano Jr., Natalie Barrientos Hernandez, Jyrah Campbell, Joshua Dutton, Peyton Hornbuckle, Cyranda Hughes, Paul Eugene Laster III, Christian Leath, Erick Leath, Emily Lozada, Billy Dean Nelson, Reace Osborn, Jennifer Portillo, Mark Roe, Jake Smith
• Approved the early graduation of Alexis Rhea Schlageter from Geraldine High School
• Approved the early graduation of Liara Rae Rafalowitz-Sionni and Timothy Gifford from Sylvania High School
• Approved the early graduation of Olivia Nanette Phillips from Valley Head High School
• Approved the early graduation of Shelby Hope Pettis from Fyffe High School
• Accepted the bid of $187,630.00 for the School Fencing and Gate Project from TC Fence Company
• Approved the On-The-Job-Injury request from Sonya Stephens-Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional-Fyffe Special Services Center-0 Days
• Accepted the Resignations of Deloris Thompson-Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional-Fyffe Special Services Center-12/1/18 and Beth Thomas-Assistant Custodian-Plainview High School-11/30/18
• Approved the Leaves of Absences for Holly Darnell-Elementary Teacher-Crossville Elementary School-11/26/18-4/30/19; Brittney Graham-Pre-K Teacher- Crossville Middle School-11/26/18-2/14/19; Nicholas Fleisher-Assistant Janitor-Geraldine High School-11/19/18-3/22/19; James Ernest Willingham, Jr.- P.E./Drivers Education Teacher-Collinsville High School-10/19/18-12/3/18; Stacey Dover-Elementary Secretary- Plainview High School-8/1/18-1/2/19 (Extension from 12/3/18); Jerry Poe- Bus Driver- Sylvania High School-8/20-18-1/3/19 (Extension from 11/9/18); Deborah Harville-Bookkeeper-Fyffe High School – 11/5/18-1/3/19 (Extension from 11/30/18); Phil Sexton – Bus Driver- Geraldine High School -12/4/18-1/4/19; Kathy Porter- CNP Manager -Ider High School – 11/29/18-1/1/19
• Approved the Certified Placements of Laura Ellis-Social Science Teacher-Collinsville High School; Macy Smith -Elementary Teacher (Leave from 11/26/18-4/30/19); Tucker Davis -Secondary Math Teacher (Leave from 11/5/18-5/24/19) – Geraldine High School; Pam Hunt – Pre-K Teacher (Leave from 11/26/18-2/4/19) – Crossville Middle School
• Approved the Support Placements of Jodie Barton -Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional – Fyffe Special Services Center; Karen Holcomb- Bus Driver – Crossville Schools, Sandra Byrum – Itinerant Special Education Paraprofessional – Plainview High School; April Fowler – School nurse (9months) – Geraldine High School; Jennifer Wilson -Bus Driver – Fyffe High School
• Approved Volunteer Coaches Jonnie Frost (Art), Meliah Blevins (Cheerleading), Leah Smith (Cheerleading) all of Ider; Brian Waldrop (Football), Jody Harper (Football), Jacob Wooten (Football), Shelby Brothers (Volleyball), Skylar Painter (Volleyball), Justin Murphy (Basketball), Whitney Brown Clark (Softball), Joshua Strange (Baseball) all of Geraldine High School; Eric Sanders (Basketball) of Plainview; Juan Ortega (Soccer) of Sylvania High School
• Approved the Contracts of Smith Nursery, LLC- Moon Lake 21st Century Plant Instructor, Rosa Alarcon – ESL Tutor, Russell Green- Drivers Ed Instructor at Valley Head High School, Marilyn Monroe- Contracted Bookkeeper at Fyffe High School, Jayce Erwin – Contract Computer Tech, Angie Gattis- Clerical Worker for Technology Department, Harold Guilford III – Contracted Maintenance Worker at Facilities Building, Margaret Brown – Clerical Worker for Central Office
• Granted CSFO Anthony Cooper signature rights on all DeKalb County Schools or DeKalb County Board of Education financial accounts to include but not limited to accounts at Citizens Bank in Mentone and First Southern State Bank
• Approved the 2018-2019 Policy Committee
• Approved the payment of $10,000.00 by the Plainview Tipoff Club to Robi Coker as a Supplement
• Approved the CIP Plans for each school
• Granted Superintendent Barnett Permission to Place Pending Board Approval
• Approved a Two Percent Pay Increase for Superintendent Barnett beginning December 1, 2018
• Set the Date of the Next Meeting as January 24, 2019 at 5:00 P.M.
The meeting was then adjourned.