DeKalb County Commission July Meeting

Ricky Harcrow
DeKalb County Commission President

By Sherri Blevins

On Tuesday, July 24, the DeKalb County Commission met for its by-monthly meeting. After the prayer and pledge, the commission approved the minutes from the last meeting. The commission then approved the following items:
? Awarded the CDBG Project Bid to Charles E. Watts Inc. for $158,262.52 to complete reclamation work on County Roads 608,1000,1001,1002,1003
? Hired Daniel Wilkie as part-time dispatcher to replace Brian Whitmoyer’s part-time position
? Accepted the resignation of Barbara McSpadden as Director for the Council on Aging
? Approved the posting of the Director for the Council on Aging position
? Approved the retirement of Sara Venable from the maintenance department
? Approved the posting of a maintenance department position to replace Sara Venable
? Set the next meeting for August 14, 2018.
County Commissioner Harcrow congratulated Commissioner Jackson and Commissioner Wooten on their efforts to acquire the matching CDBG Grant from Governor Kay Ivey for $256,000.00 to complete the funds needed for the County Roads’608,1000,1001,1002, and 1003 project.