DeKalb County Commission Meeting 8-28-18


By Sherri Blevins

The DeKalb County Commission met on Tuesday, August 28, 2018. After President Harcrow led the commission in prayer, the pledge was recited and the minutes of the previous meeting were approved. The commission then entered into new business.
Broyles, Road Department Head, gave a report on his department’s accomplishments. He stated the second round of herbicide spraying has begun and should be finished shortly. District Two is almost complete and then District Four will be started with an expected completion time of fifty to sixty hours. He then stated that hauling chert had begun in District Four to prepare the roads for fall and winter. The reclaiming process for County Road 1002 will start on Wednesday, August 29, 2010 and patch work will also begin on County Roads 602 and 1000. He reported that the mowing crews are hard at work, and he mentioned the need for possible replacement of equipment coming up soon. He described a new machine he had been introduced to and promised to provide the commission with more information on the machine at a later date.
Next, Matt Sharp, Administrator for the County, reported on a damage claim made by a citizen traveling on County Road 639 due to pot holes in the road. The commission voted to approve sending the claim to the insurance carrier.
Luther, Engineering Department Head, then gave his report. He asked the commission to accept the low bid from Southeastern Truck Body of $27,880.64 to purchase a utility body with an auto-crane to be mounted on a previously purchased 2019 cab and chasse. This bid also included the price for a vice at $105.00 with an eighteen-week delivery time. The commission approved the bid. Luther then announced that the 212 Bridge Replacement Project has been completed. The new bridge is located on County Road 51 over Big Wills Creek in the direction of the landfill. The road was reopened last week and the old bridge was closed and barricaded.
President Harcrow then congratulated the county employees for finishing second in the state for safety and winning a Safety Award presented at the Ninety Annual Alabama County Commissioners’ Association meeting. He thanked Matt Martin and Irby Wallace who headed the Safety Team, for all their hard work. He also commended each department head as well as all the employees for their efforts toward making this award possible. The results of the award ended in a substantial financial gain for the county. The county received an almost $45,000.00 insurance premium refund and a reduction of $7,000.00 in this year’s premium.
Sharp also commented on the award, stating that due to the efforts of the safety team and all the employees, the number of Workers’ Compensation claims have dropped and the premiums have decreased from 2009 ($500,000.00) to 2018 ($194,000.00).
The board then approved the COA/RPT Holiday Schedule for the Council on Aging/Transportation. The next meeting will be September 11,2018. The meeting was then adjourned.