By Sherri Blevins

The Fort Payne City Council met Tuesday, December 18, 2018. Action taken during the meeting brought the vision of businesswoman, Vicky Kirby and several others, one step closer to reality. Kirby’s vision has been to create an entrepreneurial center(E-Center) in the “Old Cobble Hosiery Building”. Kirby has spearheaded the effort to bring this type of center to the Fort Payne Community. The chief purpose of an E-Center is to encourage, enthuse and empower new and small businesses as tenants and non-tenants of the E-Center facility and ensure successful start-up and continued growth of the businesses. The council voted today to declare the Cobble Building as surplus clearing the way for Kirby’s group to purchase the building at a cost of $30,000.00. The building will have to be renovated before it can be inhabited and this process will take at least two years. Kirby has plans to secure grants for improvements to the building in order to make the dream a complete reality.
In other business, the council took the following actions:
• Approved Ordinance 2018-06, rezoning approximately nine acres on Hixon Road from Rural Farm to R-3(High Density Residential District).
• Approved Ordinance 2018-07, setting compensation and benefits for the Mayor and Council beginning with the 2020 administration
• Approved Resolution 2018-49, accepting bids for Police Department renovations from Boatner Construction at a cost of $855,000.00 for Phase I
• Approved the street light request from Robert and Donna Wells, 602 Wilks Drive East
• Approved the request to add a street light to a portion of Pumpkin Center Road
• Abolished the Sick Leave Bank
• Declared the Old Cobble Building as surplus to be sold at a cost of $30,000.00
• Approved a budget adjustment of $137,851.50 for the Public Works Department
• Authorized bids for a new leaf machine
• Appointed Randy Moses to the Fort Payne Improvement Board
• Appointed Jo Dean, Steve Eberhart, and Vicky Kirby to the Fort Payne Industrial Development Board
• Appointed Wade Hill to the Fort Payne Water Board
• Set the date of the next council meeting as January 15,2019