Jackson County Grand Jury Spring Report 2019


According to Jackson County Grand Jury Foreperson, Chasley Bellomy, the Grand Jury for Jackson County, Alabama, has completed their work for this session, and would like to submit the following report:
• We have reviewed 320 cases and return in open court 306 True Bills.
• We have toured the Courthouse and found it to be clean and well-maintained. We would like to praise the updates that have been made to the Grand Jury room. The added technology to the room really improved the presentations that were given. All employees in the courthouse were considerate and have been helpful throughout the duration of our week.
• We also toured the Jackson County Jail during this session and found it to be exceptionally clean, especially the kitchen. The staff was courteous and really explained how the jail is run efficiently on a daily basis. We did note the need for additional staff at the jail and recommend additional personnel be added when possible.
• We had a very educational and informative week hearing about the cases and the process that goes into our criminal system. We would like to express our thanks to the District Attorney and his staff for being so accommodating to our needs and for guiding us through the cases we heard this week. We would also like to thank the law enforcement who appeared before the Grand Jury, including the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Scottsboro Police Department, Alabama State Bureau of Investigation, Jackson County Community Corrections, and the Stevenson Police Department.
• Having completed this session of the Grand Jury, we respectfully request that we be recessed.
All indictments are submitted, along with this report, in open court and in the presence of the foreperson and seventeen other members of this Grand Jury, and filed in Court this the 14th day of March, 2019.