Rainsville City Council Meeting 10-14-18


By Sherri Blevins

The Rainsville City Council met Monday, October 14, 2018. After the session was called to order and the roll was called, the council acted on the following items:
• Approved the Subdivision Regulations for four lots on Morgan Road
• Approved Resolution 10152018-A allowing employees with at least fifteen years service to sell up to eighty hours vacation with a ninety-day interval between weeks
• Approved changing David Snay from Full-Time Revenue Officer to Part-Time Revenue Officer at a rate of $13.76 per hour
• Approved the purchase of one hundred chairs for the Tom Bevil Enrichment Center (TBEC) at a cost of $19.95 per chair
• Approved hiring Rodney Hitchcock to paint handrails and post at the TBEC at a cost of $1,800.00
• Approved purchasing paint for the TBEC at a cost up to $1,000.00
• Approved TNT Paving to pave a portion of the TBEC parking lot at a cost of $4,900.00
• Approved Resolution 10152018-B to declare a golf cart and Kubota as surplus for the Road Department
• Approved the purchase of a Side-by-Side Diesel for the Road Department from DeKalb Farmers Coop at a cost of $14,950.00
• Approved hiring John Lybrand as Part-Time Sanitation Department Employee
• Approved purchasing one hundred garbage cans for the Sanitation Department at a cost of $6,500.00
• Approved paying for the Fire Station’s annual SCBA Breathing Apparatus Flow Test at a cost of $1,255.00
• Approved purchasing nineteen Tough Book Computers for the Fire and Police Departments at a cost of $11,647.00 to be paid for out of savings
• Approved paying $18,000.00 to complete the paving on George Wallace Street within the next two weeks
• Authorized Mayor Lingerfelt to apply for a 100% Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) Grant of $23,000.00
• Appointed Arlan Blevins to the Agri-Center Board
• Appointed Arlan Blevins to the Public Building Authority
• Appointed Stuart Mitchell to the Agri-Center Board
• Appointed Brandon Freeman as an additional Liaison to the Agri-Center Board
Mayor Lingerfelt wanted to extend an invitation to everyone to join the city for the October 31 Halloween Trunk-or-Treat event at the Rainsville Farmer’s Market Pavilion. The event will begin at 5:00 and end at 7:00.