Rainsville City Council Meeting 11-5-18


By Sherri Blevins

The Rainsville City Council met on November 5, 2018. During the work session, Police Chief Smith thanked the community for coming to the Policeman’s Ball which was a huge success.
Fire Chief Wright reminded the public that the “No Burn” policy is over for the next few months with the public permitted to burn their own natural vegetation. He also congratulated Luke Yarborough on his upcoming graduation from the fire academy.
Councilman Freeman reported on the success of the city’s Trunk-or-Treat event. He stated that around 2,800 people attended-800 children and 2000 adults. People from all the surrounding communities were represented and many commented they approved of the new location. Freeman also wished the Plainview Bears “Good Luck” on the first round of the football state playoffs.
The council conducted the following business during their regular meeting:
• Approved a one-time pay raise for full-time city employees
• Approved changing the Stop Sign located on Fortner Road and Old Highway 35 to a Yield Sign due to traffic being rerouted around the closed Chavies Bridge
• Approved the renewal of the VHF Frequency License at a cost of $3,000.00 which will be divided equally between the fire and police department’s budgets
• Approved the purchase of a Small Logging Recorder for Dispatch at a cost of $5,384.62
• Approved the purchase of the Frontline Public Safety Software System to be used for community protection at a cost of $750.00 (Donated funds will be used.)
• Reappointed Lisa Chandler, Pat Flaherty, Kelly Lawrence, and Brook Debter to the Rainsville Beautification Board
• Reappointed Teresa Hill and Bill Ayers to the Rainsville Library Board
• Reappointed Cindy Black, Whitney Whiteside, Joe Flaherty, and Kelly Frazier to the Tom Bevil Enrichment Center Board
• Reappointed Larry Traylor, Benji Laney, Kevin Wilks, Donnie Frazier, Robert Ellis, and Scott Kirk to the Rainsville Industrial Development Board
• Reappointed Darrel Samples, Joey Graham, and Fred Bobo to the Rainsville Sewer Board
• Reappointed Jonathan Phillips, Gelane Nelson, and Whitney Whiteside to the DeKalb Mental Health Services Board
The council wanted to invite everyone to attend Rainsville’s Holiday Open House on November 9 and 10. Fifteen vendors will be participating.