MARGIE MOUNTAIN—The Naycher Vaykayshun And The Kornshuk Doll



Hey Y’all! Well, I shore have njoyd the las tu weaks whilst I’z on my vakayshun. Me and ole Earl’z been hafin the time uv air lives, just a calahootin all over these here parts xplorin whut the Big Guy Upstairs gived us to luk at. Jest in case ye ain’t figered it out, we’ve been a campin. I’m a tellin ye ret now thay’z sum purdy stuff whut ye kan see out thare in naycher. We seed sum reel purdy sunrisez and sum gorjus sunsetz. We seed flars galor. We seed roks whut had foselz in em. Why we even come up on a red fox whut wuz birthin sum kitz. Bet ye didn’t thank I knod whut baby foxez iz calt did ye? Well, yu’z rite, I didn’t til I luked it up fer this here story. Now the mammy fox didn’t lack us bein close whilst she’z doin her bizness nary a bit, but she’z in a sityeashun so’s she cudn’t object tu much at the time. We didn’t bother her nun, we jest wacht til it wuz all over. Thay ain’t nutin lack gettin back ta naycher, ceptin I cuda used a bathroom out thare, but az my Dear Ole Pappy used ta say, “Ye gotta take the bad ret along with the good.” An he’z rite tu. I re-lern that ever nite when Earl cranks up the buzz saw an startz sawin logz. Coarse, I gotta say, Earl’d re-lern that same thang ifn he’z ta hapen ta get up afore I get my when I face on and my har brushed in the mornins. Coarse that ain’t never gonna happen cuz Earl ain’t no mornin person.

Dear Margie,
My mom passed away a few months ago and we’re in the process of selling her house. My siblings and I have gone through all the stuff she had collected over the years and it’s amazing what we found. Mom didn’t throw anything away. I think she still had every scrap of paper I ever gave her. Were your parents like that?

Honey Child, yu better kno thay wuz. I thank it had a lot ta do with them growin up durin the depreshun. Back then ye didn’t waist nuthin, az I heered mor timez than I care to member. Growin up in my family wuz a strang sperence. Being wun of eight younguns whut my mammy and pappy razed shore wudn’t no piknik. I heer tell we’z poor, but I didn’t know we’z poor back than cuz I had everthang I thot enybudy cud want, why I had some thangs didn’t nobudy want, but me. An I kan shore tell ye I chairesht em. I member this here little doll Mammy made me wun summer outta sum kornshukz. It wuz jest made frum whut wuz a gonna be et up by ole Bossy, our milk kow, but I karied that thare little doll a round til she jest plum dry rotted and fallin a part. Then I put her up in a bag so’s I cud keep her. I named her Maybelle, an Mammy calt my little Maybelle her grand youngun. I snuk Maybell ta skool onst so’s I cud show her ta my frends. Thay laffed at me fer dayz fer brangin sech a “dum toy”, az thay calt it. Made me purdy neer mad a nuff ta bite a 10-penny nail in tu. I shore didn’t thank it’z a dum toy. Seemed lack a purdy good toy ta me. I still had her even after me an ole Earl got hitched. I showed her ta my younguns onst and thay thot it’z a purdy dum toy tu. But this here’z the thang bout toyz, ye du the best ye kan with whut ye got ta du with, use a little maganayshun ta go with it, an shore az shootin yu’ll be sittin purdy. I shore du thank ye fer helpin me ta member little Maybelle. I hadn’t thunk uv her in quite a spell. I thank I’ll go in thare, dig her out, an remaness a whule.

Well, I spect I better skedaddle fer now. Y’all have a good ole Alabamer day and come on back next week, ye heer!