5th Anniversary Football Preview Magazine


By Bonita Wilborn

Mountain Valley News is proud to announce that the upcoming edition of the Mountain Valley News Football Preview Magazine, which will soon be available, is our 5th anniversary edition of the magazine.
The first edition came in 2014 when Jeremy Wilson was our Sports Editor. Well-known players for the team at Plainview were Jayse Pruitt, Cody Willingham, Chase Willingham, and Cade Willingham, all of which have now graduated. It was the year after Coach Ronnie Haushaulter passed away, so we had an article about him in the 2014 edition as well.
The 2015 edition saw the Mountain Valley News with Jordan Wilks as our Sports Editor. It featured an article about Jeremy Pruitt being named as the Defensive Coordinator at the University of Georgia, Mountain Valley News “Best Team”, as well as photos and interviews with the coaches.
The 2016 edition saw the addition of feature player interviews, the return of Bum Pickins, and the each team’s schedule. Jordan Wilks remained as our Sports Editor.
The 2017 edition saw Will Jacobs as our Sports Writer and more improvements with the addition of feature cheerleaders and mascots.
We are currently in the process of gathering photos and doing interviews with coaches, players, cheerleaders, and mascots in preparation of the 2018 edition of the Football Preview Magazine. It is our goal to continue providing a quality magazine that will be a keepsake for people to enjoy for years to come. This year’s edition will include improved graphics and layouts under the care of our graphic artist, Amie Martin.
The 2018 edition of the Mountain Valley News Football Preview Magazine is espected to be available by mid August. Keep watching our website, Facebook, newspaper, and sign out front for the announcement of when the magazine is available.