Bum’s Pickin’ Playoffs Week #1


Playoff Addition
Well hits playoff time in Alabamay. The Guru led the pack wiff a 9-3 fer the week. I jest 2 back from Monk the Skunk and Sam the Bam. The Fob, Hampton Inn and Tricky Nicky are jest 1 back. Hits come down to the last week fer the winner!!! You know the guru will finish strong.
That Red Bunch jest keeps on winnin. The whooped Ram Nation 41-14. Pay-Ton Anderson wuz the Anderson uf the Game! Cross-the-Ville traveled up to Painview. Hit wuz not a good night fer the Bares az the Lions won 12-7. Spring in the Garden didn’t give the Hornets any roses to smell wiff a 41-27 win. The Wal-drop Dogs keep hit close in the first half. But hit aint horseshoes!!!. Piedmont wins 26-6. G & W Carver sliced up the Fort uf Pain Wilcats 28-7. Northly Sandy Mountain showed Pisgey who is KING uf the Northside uf the mountain wiff a 40-6 win. Woods Ville took a Section uf Alabama 34-24. Michigun shut down the Penn uf St. 42-7. Miss our I put a whoopin on Floridy 38-17. Gerorgie rambled over Kantuckie 34-17. Awburn pulled out a miracle wiff a win over Texas in the AM 28-24. Bammer traveled to LS&U. Hit didn’t make any difference if Devan Wite wuz playin in the 2nd half. Bammer rolls to a 29-0 shutout.
This week when hits real counts. Win and Play. Lose and go Home!!!
The City uf Cleveland travels to face the Red Bunch. The Red Bunch iz rollin. Anderson could be the MVP uf North Alabama. Bum thanks hit will be all RED az the Devils win 42-7. Northly Sandy Mountain travels down to Ran& Burne. Bum thanks Ran&Burne will run and Burn the Bison 24-17. West uf the Brook travels to play Erine’s Boyz. Hit will be a BIG celebration fer the Boyz from Collinsville wiff a 38-14 win. Pisgey headed down to Mid uf the Field. Bum saz Pisgey wont cross the Mid uf the Field! Mid uf the Field wins 41-0. The Bares travel to Full 2000 Dale. The Bares will feel the weight az Full Ton Dale wins 31-7. Garden in the Dale travels to Fort uf Pain. Dale be wishin he whutin in the Garden win the Wildcats win 27-14. LS&U travels to Ark Kansas. Hit wont be close wiff LS&U winnin 34-14. Old Miss. headed to Texas in the AM. Texas in the AM will win 27-14. Kantuckie travels to Rocky Top. Hit wuz all blue wiff Kantuckie winnin 28-10. Awburn gonnin over to Georgie. Awburn wont be as lucky this week! Georgie wins 31-17. Bammer will host St uf Miss. Bammer will jest keep on winnin 41-10. Well hits win ere lose fer the high school teams. We hope to have enuff teams left ater this week to be back next week. Save me a spot by the fence! Hope to See you next Week!!!!!!!!!!!