Bum’s Pickin’ Week 3


Well the pickin Guru is makin his come back 1 game hat uh time. Whent 9-3 fer the week. Ole Margie whent 9-3 too. She don’t no squat about no football. She just picks by how the band sounds!Brandon “Cat” Freeman whent 10-2 he still having beganners luck. Sam the Bam was 10-2. He done whent and done like he used to do in school, he copied of somebody! Monk the Shunk he stinks hat pickin. Aint sure how he got 10-2. Maybe he cheated of ole Sam! Big Fob and Hampton Inn both whent 10-2, aint neither uf them that good. Just watch what happens this week. Jordy pick so bad he just quit!!!! O Tricky Nicky Hall pick in his place! Then there is Bailey the Duke. Aint worried about him, his just a young whipper snapper!
The Bares havin some bad luck. Cant keep anybody healthie. Ifin they keep going like there going they may have to go play some 6 man football. Them Wal-Drop Dogs tookum to the wood shed 2nd half as they won 52-14
Fort uf Pain showed the Prince Albertville Aggies sum pain wiff a 42-21 whoopin. The Red Bunch showed U why there the favriote around this parts wiff a 56-0 win over a Section uf Alabama. The Head uf the Valley lost to Decatur Heritage 36-13. Eddy-Wall spanked the Lions uf Cross-the-Ville 52-7. The Rock rolled over the Hornets 12-7. Susan More or Less took the Dodge out uf Ram 28-21! In the game uf the week, Erinie’s Boyz kicked a fieldgoal to beat Northly Sandy Mountain 15-12. The Pisgey Eagles set fare to Brind & Lee on the Mountain 54-7.
Hit aint getting any easer this week as Head uf the Valley travels to Falk and Ville. Bum afraid hit my be a long ride over to Falk and Ville, but even a longer ride home fer the Tigers. Bum saz Falk and Ville win 28-21.
Slyvaney travels to Gas-cost-a-Ton looking fer there first win. Bum thanks Slyvaney comes home wiff a full tank as they win 14-7.
Cross-the-Ville be hostin Doug-les. Them Lions got one uf the tuffist regions to play. This might be there only hope fer a win. Na! Doug-Les wins 24-14.
The Red Bunch uf Fife traveles down to meet up wiff Erine’s Boyz. This could be one fer the ages. The Panthers got sum good players. Fife got sum good players. Thisun could be close but wont be wiff the Red Bunch winnin 31-17.
Ida head over to a Section uf Alabama. This hear is gonna be a slobber knocker uf a game. Both teams ur matched up purty good. Bum Saz hit will be Ida in a close one 21-17.
Brin & Lee on the Mountain travels to chase sum Wal-Drop Dogs. Bum saz they will be chasing fer a long time ifin they they thank they can catch a Bulldog! Dogs win 58-0!
Susan More or Less headed to face off wiff the Bares. Bares beat up. Susan More or Less 2-0! Ater tis game Bares still be beat up and Susan More or Less 3-0. Susan More or less in a close one, 24-21.
Fort uf Pain travels to Mae Day Jemison. When the Cats get done wiff Mae day Jemison they will jump ship! Fort uf Pain wins 31-21.
Northly Sandy Mountain going down to Asberry. Northly Sandy Mountain be pickin a pell uf berries as they win 48-7.
New Hope travels to Pisgey. Pisgey settin 2-0. Ater Friday night they be sittin 3-0! Pisgey wins 34-14.
Awburn Tigers hostin LS&U Tigers. Bum saz Tigers win. Wait there both Tigers. Awburn Tigers in a close one 31-28.
Bammer travels over to Old Miss. Hit could be a hi scoring affair! Bum saz Bammer wins 45-31.
Well hits all ready week 3. We right in the prime uf football season. Got get the yard mowed for Ethal haz a running fit. Make sure you save me a spot by that there fence!!!!



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