Bum’s Pickin’ Week 7


I aint never seen anythang like Hit! Bailey The Duke whent 11-1 fer the week. I was 8-4.
Sumpin aint right. Hit must be beginners luck, Bailey is just a young whipper Snipper. The Guru been donin this fer a long time. Just cant seem to get hit in gear. Ole Monk the Skunk whent 10-2 I don’t know what to say. He must have sumbody over hat the church prayin fer him or pickin fer him. Margie was 9-3. Hit just anit right. We must be in sum kind uf time worup! At lest Brandon “Cat” Freeman, Chris Hampton Inn and Big Fob tied me. Even that ole banker, Kirk outpicked the Guru this week. You know I am a little superstitus, been warin the same dras all season. Hit may be time to change them fer luck!!!
Hit was a heck uf a week fer football. That Ram nation lit up scoredbaord over hat Brindle & Lee on the Mountain 63-0. Bo-Az tamed the Lions uf Cross-the-Ville 35-3. Erine’s Boyz traveled up to a Section uf Alabama and ran up and down the field az they won 51-0. Ida got a win over As-Bury 41-21. The Wal-Drop Dogs was in a purty good battle wiff the Pisgey Eagles. Dogs got the win 28-12. The Red Bunch rolled the Rock 48-7. Fort uf Pain had a happy Homecomin wiff a 45-18 win over Lee. In a game I thout would be a goodin dint turn out to good fer Cedar on the Bluff. Cedar on the Bluff’s best player was injured last week and had to have surgery . Hit really hurt them az Northly Sandy Mountain wins handly 40-6. Well them Awburn Tigers waz overrated and there coach is overpaid. They took a whumppin from the State uf Miss 23-9. Counldnt even score a TD. Bammer lit up the scoreboard wiff 65 points but give up 31. Coach Saban aint gonin be to happy wiff that. Hit may be a ruff week fer the Tide ater that defensive performance. Them Gators got a big win over LS&U 27-19. Texas AM pulled hit out over Kentuckie 20-14 in overtime!
On to this week. I am hopin hits gonin be better fer the Guru!!!
The Head uf the Valley travels to Raggy Land this week. Hits been a long yeer fer the Tigers. Hits gonna get longger az Raggy Land wins 28-7. New Hope travels to Slyvaney . Slyvaney got a big win last week. They’ll get another big this week az they send New Hope home with little hope. Rams win 31-17. Collinsville will host As-Bury. Is hit basketball season yet. Collinsville wins 49-0. Northly Sandy Mountain headed down the road to Ida. Both teams got big wins last week. Northly Sandy Mountain gets big win this week 41-7. The Bares celebratin homecomin. Hit will be the Happ Happiest time fer the Bares az they get the win over Brindle & Lee on the Mountain 48-0. Cedar on the Bluff head to face the Red Bunch. They gonin need more than Cedars they gonin need sum BIGGG Oaks. Red Bunch wins 51-7. Fort uf Pain hostin Buck blew the Horn. Hit will be taps on the way home fer Buck blew the Horn. Cats win 28-14. Pisgey headed down to Susan More or Less. Hit will be More az they defeat Pisgey 21-7. Sandy Rock travels to a Section uf Alabama. Bum thanks hit will be a win fer a Section uf Alabama 21-14. Tennessey travels to Awburn. Aint nether one gonin score. Bum saz Awburn wins 9-6. Miss our I travels to Bammer. Defense will play better ater Saban gets done wiff them this week. Bammer wins 48-10.
Georgie head down to LS&U. Georgie haz a purity good football team. LS&U not bad. In a close one Bum saz Georgie wins 31-28.
Alrighty Then! Hits another week down. I am hopin fer a comeback this week. Sumpin just aint right when the Guru is behind. Well gotta go Ethal remodeling the house ater we had a good crop this yeer. Save me a spot by the fence!